A Star in the Making

Harvard commit Kale Catchings looks forward to a big year in his senior season


Submitted by Kale Catchings

Kale Catchings is a top recruit in the state who is committed to Harvard. He is Liberty’s new basketball player transferred from CBC High School.

Nick Howard, Reporter

Kale Catchings is known as one of the top players in Missouri and he also is playing for the Liberty Eagles basketball team this upcoming season.

Catchings is going into his senior season as a Harvard commit, which he committed to on September 18th. He played three years of high school basketball at Christian Brothers College High School before transferring over to Liberty High School. He thinks the change from private to public high school has gone well for him so far.

“Being in an environment with different groups of people has been a good change since I’ve been at a public school,” Catchings said.

The recruitment process for Catchings was a busy one. He had offers coming in from Brown, Lehigh, UTEP, Indiana State, Cleveland State and Evansville. As the process first started out he enjoyed getting the calls from all the universities. Once time went by and he was still getting calls it started to get in the way of his friends and other activities he wanted to do.

“At first it was fun getting calls from universities and being looked at. Once time went on it was a little annoying because you want to spend time with friends and family,” Catchings said.

After Harvard University offered Catchings a scholarship, he knew it was the best for him. He really had a good interest in him and he felt as if it was the best choice.

“I wanted a push academically and I felt as if it was the best place for me to go,” Catchings said.

Besides being committed to Harvard, Catchings has been on the grind in the offseason as he’s been practicing nearly everyday preparing for his senior season.

“I’ve been in the gym every morning working on shooting and made weightlifting routinely preparing for the season,” Catchings said.

Even Eagles basketball Coach Sodemann thinks Kale is a big part of the team.

“He has a great coach ability to communicate with team and he plays so hard everytime he’s on the court,” Liberty head basketball coach Sodemann said.

Catchings has came a long way from making varsity as a freshman. Since he started out back as a freshman he thinks he has came a long way physically.

“I made varsity team as a freshman and since then I’ve became a dominant force using my strength to get to the basket and developed my outside shooting,” Catchings said.

Although it’s his final season there’s still much to look forward to as Catchings looks to help lead this team to go as far as they can. He may be known as one of the best high school players in Missouri, but the Harvard commit likes to have that chip on his shoulder and play like he always has.

“There’s a lot more to achieve and show what I have to offer. Some people see me as one of the best players in the state but I like to push that aside and keep on going,” Catchings said.