State Champions

Liberty Belles win State Championship

Olivia Holler

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There’s a first for everything at Liberty, including winning state.

Liberty Belles came home with a win of first place in Poms and Mix at their competition on Feb. 20th at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri.

The girls did lots to prepare for the competition. They practiced almost everyday and picked on the tiniest details to get it perfect.

“We had lots and a lot of practice, we even practiced before going on the bus,” Taylor Stewart said.
The Liberty Belles were shocked and so excited to win the division. They screamed and had tears of joy.
“I was very surprised and joyful, but knew we could do it,” Kara Collier said.

The Liberty Belles have worked extremely hard to get where they are at and it made winning feel even better.
“I’m so proud of the girls, As a team captain, Kortney and I have tried to set an example for everyone but also to teach them to work as a team.” Taylor Stewart says.

With hard work, teamwork and trying your best you can accomplish anything and dance team has proven that.