The Fastest Man at Liberty

An in-depth look at senior Wesley Hines


Bridget Morris

In addition to the 100 and 200 meter events, Wesley Hines is also a key contributor in the sprint relays too.

Chris Randolph, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a fast runner? How much work it takes to be fast? Senior Wesley Hines knows exactly what it’s like because he is the fastest athlete on the Liberty High track team.

With the record of 11.11 seconds in the 100 meters, no one on the track team has been able to beat him.

“Wesley has always been fast, and he is also very strong,” sprints coach Jeremy Tutterrow said. Wesley is currently 6 foot 2 and has been running track for about five years now. In addition to being fast in sprint races, but he may be the most inspiring too.

“Ever since I had a talk with him about how fast he can be, he has been putting in the work nonstop. And he also really helps inspire other sprinters to become faster,” Tutterrow said.

Not only does Hines fight for speed during track season, he also maintains his workouts during off season.

“I normally lift whenever I can, trying to gain some more weight. I also eat healthy and try to stay away from junk food,” Hines said. In the last meet at Waynesville, Hines broke his own record for the open 100 and 200 meter dash. With the time of 11.11 for the 100 m. and a time of 22.6 for the 200 m. Hines also placed second for long jump and second for his 4 by 1 relay.

“To get ready for GAC, I’ve been doing more intense workouts and really cutting some of the foods I’ve been eating out,” Hines said.

GAC is only a few weeks away and the team is hoping to do very well.