Senior Season

Liberty begins the fall season with senior night for football, cheer and dance teams

Chasteanne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Liberty’s fall sports senior night fell on the official kickoff of the Liberty’s football season with the first home varsity game against the Warrenton Warriors Friday night. The seniors on the football, cheer and dance teams, as well as the football managers, were all recognized before Liberty’s 21-13 season-opening victory. 

Senior night, which has typically fallen on the third or second to last game of the season, started this year’s series of varsity home games when 34 seniors in total were honored. 

“It feels weird to be the one who’s the senior because you watch all the seniors before you and you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s not gonna be me, I still have a while’, but now you’re in their shoes,” Liberty Belle and senior Katie McVey said. “Knowing that it’s me, it’s surreal, kind of, you’re like, ‘Wow, it’s my turn’. I remember watching everyone last year and I was like, ‘Man, that’s gonna be me next year’. It’s a weird feeling until it actually hits you.”

While dancing in college is still up in the air for McVey, who has been a Liberty Belle for four years, she looks back at her time on the team and remarks on how dance team has impacted her high school experience.

“I love my team and all the people that I’ve met and made really good friends with over these past four years,” McVey said. “Honestly, I’m kind of sad that I don’t get to keep dancing with our new freshmen because I really love them and wish I could spend more time with them.”

Eric Mason
Senior Megan Maetten is greeted by junior Aimee Weber after being escorted by her family during the senior walk.

On the other hand, senior and football manager, Mykaela Reiland, shares a unique perspective of taking part in senior night as someone who is not part of the football team, but is part of the necessary team that enables football’s performance.

“It feels so weird, honestly, because I don’t feel like a senior. I don’t feel like a senior, so having the first game on senior night it just puts it in reality, ‘I am a senior’, this is my last first game,” Reiland said.

Reiland began managing football when her friend, senior Abby Reed, approached her with the idea that she (Reiland) should manage football with her. Since then, Reiland has spent countless hours after school, during summer managing football with fellow managers, seniors Reed and Laura Sanders. However, her favorite memory from the countless hours spent at football practice comes from the friends she’s made throughout the four years.

Senior Abby Reed (pictured above), convinced her friend, senior Mykaela Reiland, to join football management with her in their freshman year. The two, along with senior Laura Sanders, have been managing football ever since.

“I met some of my greatest friends from football and just people who are close to me now and I don’t think anything will ever beat that,” Reiland said.

In addition to senior night, Liberty began its first home varsity football game with high energy from the new and improved student section dubbed The Nest. Working in collaboration with Student Council, The Nest is a student organization, led by senior and StuCo member, Nolan Bone.

“The main focus is just to push spirit and get everyone involved (and that’s just the main focus of what we have planned),” junior and StuCo member Carter Kussman explained.

The Nest holds meetings every Monday morning during the football season, but for more information, Kussman recommends students follow The Nest on Twitter.

Whether it was the dynamic energy displayed by The Nest or being fresh off of summer practices that helped the football team, the Liberty Eagles pulled off a victorious first game and memorable senior night, defeating Warrenton and kicking off an amazing season for the Eagles Kingdom.

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A revived student section led by StuCo organization, dubbed ‘The Nest’, dominated the bleachers on Friday night’s game.

Eric Mason