Not So Welcome To The Jungle

Liberty loses to Fort Zumwalt North in a penalty heavy game


Abby Jordan

Jake Grimshaw, Gabe Gonzalez, Garrett Overton, Reed Sutton and Parker Young huddle around Coach Kling on the bench to discuss plays against Fort Zumwalt North.

Donny Robinson, Reporter

For the second week in a row, the Eagles lost to an undefeated team because they couldn’t stop the run attack.

The Fort Zumwalt North Panthers had 327 rushing yards combined with 85 passing yards to equal a total of 412 yards. Liberty had 284 rushing yards with no passing yards. The Panthers defense had shut out the Eagles for the first three quarters and came out on top 35-8.

Liberty drops its second-consecutive game and is now 2-2 and hosts Washington this Friday in the homecoming game. Washington is also 2-2.

In the first quarter, the Panthers wasted no time on scoring as they received the kick and drove down field which ended with a 1 yard run by North quarterback Joel Hilliard with an Owen Sears extra point at 7:14. Liberty is already behind 7-0.

Ben Adelsberger picked up the short kick and brought it to the North 30 yard line. After a few tough runs, Aries Williams gets 7 yards for a first down. The drive didn’t get much further from there as the Panthers forced a punt.

After converting a 4th and 2, North quarterback Joel Hilliard made a mistake throwing as Luke Linden intercepted a pass for 24 yards. And to make it worse for the Panthers, they were called for a face mask which added 15 yards to Linden’s return.

The second quarter started and the Eagles luck started to fade away. On 2nd and 13, Aries Williams picked up 3 yards to make it 3rd and 10. Still at 3rd and 10, the snap was fumbled and the Panthers pounced on it.

Izaiah Hartrup came in with an 11 yard run who would lose 3 after his reception on the next play. The next play looked like a clear dropped pass by Tim Nesslage, but the referees called it clear and he wounded up having a 12 yard catch. That play would prove unhelpful as North was called for another face mask which lead to a 53 yard punt.

Liberty is at their own 19 now. Illegal procedure is called against the Eagles bringing them to their 14. Liberty fumbles again and it is recovered by Panther Kamden Bynum. On 1st and goal at the Eagle 10, Izayah Hudnut gets in for a 10 yard touchdown run at 7:59 with an extra point by Owen Sears putting the Eagles back 14-0.

Liberty gets put on their own 23 after the following kick off. Jarrin McKeithen got off quick with a 42 yard sprint to the Panther 35 with some talking afterwards. Donavan Arrington ignites for a 12 yard 1st down run with Aries Williams going 11 to make it 1st and goal with the ball now on the 5. Liberty can’t seem to figure out the procedure as they are brought back 5 for it again. The Eagles were very close to the end zone but for the third time of the game they fumbled.

After a 19 yard run and an 11 yard catch, Cairo Payne brings the pain with a 65 yard burnout for a touchdown with the extra point good of course all at 3:40. Liberty is still trying to play catch up as the scoreboard now shows them behind 21-0.

Liberty got the ball back and was already penalized with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct call making it 1st and 25 which was reduced when the Panthers received a 15 yarder making it 2nd and 4. Arrington goes off for a first. On 3rd and 10, the Eagles for the last time get called for another illegal procedure.

McKeithen is dragged back for 3 putting it at a punting situation at 4th and 18. Well the punt didn’t go so well either as Josh Paubel couldn’t punt it away on time and was tackled for a loss of 2 making it a turnover for North.

Hudnut gets the ball on 2nd and 10 to go 14 yards to the Liberty 25. Joel Hilliard attempts for a pass but is picked off by Jordin Garey for a 16 yard return. McKeithen ends the quarter with a carry of 8.

Liberty stills looks to score as they are down at halftime 21-0.

Right out halftime, North forces a punt. Hudnut looked for his second touchdown of the night with a 72 yard touchdown catch but a block in the back prevents the score. Speaking of penalties, they got one again on 2nd and 13 with an illegal shift. Hudnut races to the finish line but is brought down at the 3 equaling a 42 yard dash for him. Next play Jaylin Vaughn plows his way through for a 3 yard touchdown with a good extra point all happening at 6:47. The Panthers now have a commanding lead over the Eagles of 28-0.

The Eagles got the ball back but eventually punted it back with North driving down the field with a pass and a few long runs. A 15 yard pass to Grant Latina for a 1st down sets up an 11 yard blast by Izaiah Hartrup at 1:34 for a touchdown with that extra point by Owen Sears afterwards. Liberty needs some help as they are far behind with North leading 35-0.

Now the fourth quarter begins and the Eagles were still bound on scoring even if it meant only one touchdown.

With 9:37 left on 3rd and 4, Arrington makes his way 17 yards down town with a touchdown run with a two point conversion by Williams instead of an extra point kick. The Eagles finally score but were still down 35-8.

The Panthers would get the ball back but the Eagles defense would put up a last minute stand forcing a punt.

McKeithen speeds off for 11 coming back on offense.

At 2:20, the Panthers student section let Liberty hear it with a “start the buses” chant.

On 3rd and 3, Liberty’s offense claims a 15 yard penalty which ended up with North getting back the ball.

Now with the clock rolling down at 0:51 the Panthers took some knees and the game was over.