We Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

Intense competition between student body promotes school spirit


Eric Mason

Seniors make a lot of noise and were the loudest section at the assembly.

Abby Jordan, Reporter

Last week, StuCo kicked off its annual Homecoming Spirit Week. The theme for this year’s homecoming was “The Greatest Homecoming on Earth”. Each year, StuCo chooses a spirit king, queen, and teacher based on who shows the most school spirit the week before homecoming.

To run for spirit queen, king, or teacher you must post a photo on Twitter of your outfit each day using the hashtag #spiritLHS or snapchat @wsdlhsstuco. By the end of the week, StuCo selects the winners and announces the results at the assembly. Former homecoming spirit queen, junior Emily Gann, spoke about her advice for underclassmen running for spirit queen or king,

“Don’t be afraid of what other people may think of you,” Gann said. I received a lot of weird looks last year for my outfits. Do it for you and be yourself.”

On Sept. 17, Liberty had an excuse to jump right out of bed and head straight to school. The first spirit day was A Million Dreams – PJ Day. Students and staff dressed in onesies, robes, slippers, and pajama pants. Senior Chasteanne Salvosa showed up to school in a striped onesie with flamingo slippers.

“I think not participating in PJ Day is missing out on an easy opportunity to show your school spirit. You could just roll out of bed and head to school and you’d be showing school spirit,” Salvosa said.

Starting with spirit on Sept. 18, students paired up with their best buddy to dress up for Stunt Double – Twin Day. Partnerships wore identical outfits from matching taco suits to matching T-shirts. Sophomore twin sisters, Liv Coughran and Adelle Coughran, decided to dress up identical for the first time.

“I never twined with Adelle before even though we are twins, but Adelle wanted to recreate an Olsen twin photo so we decided to match,” Liv Coughran said.

Halfway through Spirit Week, on Sept. 19, students participated in Generation Day. The freshmen were to dress as babies, sophomores as toddlers, juniors as parents and seniors as grandparents. Senior Autumn Jones dressed up as a grandparent on her 18th birthday.

“I turned 18 today but I’m feeling 81,” Jones said.

I turned 18 today but I’m feeling 81.

— Autumn Jones

Continuing with circus spirit, students wore animal print on Sept. 20. Zebra print, cheetah print, animal onesies, and face paint resembling different animals were seen throughout the hallways. Sophomore Kelly Karre went full out by wearing head-to-toe cheetah clothing and accessories.

“Spirit days have been very easy to put together this week. All I had to do was raid my mom’s closet,” Karre said.

Concluding Spirit Week, on Sept. 21, the majority of the student body wore white for the homecoming game against Washington. At the homecoming assembly, Ms. T-O won most spirited teacher. Senior Cameron Jones won Spirit King alongside senior Autumn Jones and sophomore Abby Jordan for a groundbreaking tie for Spirit Queen.