The Struggles Of Homecoming

The not so glamorous parts of the event that everybody waits for


provided by Brianna Mills

Mya Waldren, Lola Cadice, Grace Pupillo, and Brianna Mills take pictures in front of a lake before the big dance.

Lola Cadice, Reporter

Homecoming may seem like a glamorous and easy going event but in reality it is very stressful and needs a lot of preparation and work.

Some people may disagree, but Homecoming can be one of the most stressful events of the year as a high school student. It is a very stressful season for many different reasons. Some include picking out an outfit, choosing a group, picking a picture location, choosing the restaurant, getting prepared, and what you are going to do after.

provided by Emily Gann
Emily Gann and her boyfriend poses for many pictures before Homecoming.

Homecoming is whatever you make out of it – it is different for everybody. Some people may have no struggles at all when it comes to homecoming while others spend hours to prepare for the big day.

Sophomore Braden Bond is pretty laid back when it comes to homecoming.

“It takes me about 10 minutes to get ready for homecoming,” Bond said. “Girls definitely care more about Homecoming and spend more time preparing for it.”

Girls spend hours to prepare while guys just roll out of bed, put on their outfit, and leave the door. Getting ready for homecoming is the best part for girls because they love getting their hair, nails and makeup done. These things, however, still cause stress because we have to pick and choose exactly what we want to do.

Junior Emily Gann is a huge homecoming fan and loves everything about it.

“It takes me about six hours in total to do everything (hair, makeup, nails, and etc.),” Gann said.

As you can see, girls spend a lot of time getting ready. They have to do hair, makeup, nails and pick out our dress and accessories.

“If I were to choose which is more of a struggle – picking a group or restaurant – I would say picking out the restaurant,” Gann said. “My group of friends hasn’t changed since sixth grade, so we always know we are going together. It is the restaurant that is hard, It takes a long time to pick what kind of food and where to eat.”

Picking out a restaurant that everybody in your group is willing to go to is a huge struggle. Picking a restaurant is stressful because not everybody likes the same type of food and you don’t want to go somewhere not fancy enough or too fancy. You also have to make sure it is not too expensive because not everybody wants to spend a lot of money on one meal.

Sophomore Bailey Crow is another lover of homecoming.

“Picking a group is definitely more stressful because teenagers try and make people happy and want each other to feel included,” Crow said. “In high school, you have many groups of friends and you want to try and make everybody happy.”

Choosing who and who is not going to be in your group is a common struggle we all have getting ready for homecoming. Picking a group is hard because you might have different groups of friends or one of your friends might want to go with a different group and it leads to a lot of conflict.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, the stress level of homecoming is a three,” Crow said. “I love getting dressed up and hanging out with my closest friends.”

Homecoming is an event full of laughter, dancing, and fun. Even if you do not care for school events that much, almost everybody goes to homecoming. Even though you might have a few struggles along the way, once the day comes you will realize all of the planning was worth it. This is homecoming of 2018.