The Modern Times Of Rock n’ Roll

Queen makes a resurgence through a new biopic of their journey.


Mollie Banstetter

Bohemian Rhapsody debuted in theaters Nov. 2.

Mollie Banstetter, Reporter

No matter if you are a diehard Queen fan or if you just came to see Freddie Mercury’s cats, or even if you walked into the wrong theater and decided to stay because your movie doesn’t start for another 30 minutes, you will love Bohemian Rhapsody, the biopic.

The movie starts with the band’s entrance onto the Live Aid stage playing one of their songs that sets the tone for the whole movie. It follows Queen’s highs and lows, especially on the ever so mysterious Freddie Mercury. Including John Deacon’s hairstyles that always seem to depict him as a boy in his awkward stage. It follows Freddie’s tumultuous relationships including his relationship with Paul Prenter that mirrors John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s, fortunately with different endings. It shows Brian May’s amazing permed out mullet grow and shows his loving spirit. It also features Roger Taylor dealing with his slightly sassier bandmate.

Rami Malek, who plays Freddie Mercury, Queen’s lead singer and lead diva, really poured himself into this movie and it shows. As a long time fan of Queen, I could tell Malek really went all out for this. He learned how to sing, play piano (while laying down with the piano behind him) he even put in fake teeth so that his portrayal was as realistic as possible.

Gwilym Lee, who plays Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, portrayed May very well. He brought all of May’s characteristics alive, showing his caring, dedicated and intelligent personality.

Ben Hardy, who plays Roger Taylor, acted well with what lines he was handed but I felt like all he had to contribute was snarky remarks, when in fact I know he had a lot to do with the band’s success. So that part was disappointing because Taylor, as a character could have had a lot to offer.

Joseph Mazzello, who played John Deacon, had a portrayal that was underwhelming, granted he was given very few lines and his delivery was good, it’s just that we learned nothing about him like how he found his way into the band even though he was a big contributing factor to the band’s success.

I was very pleased by the fact that Brian May and Roger Taylor were included in the making of this biopic, to me that showed that they really cared about the authenticity of the movie.

Though I love this movie and highly recommend it, I was slightly disappointed in the lack of information on the other bandmates’ lives, seeing that it was advertised that while it is mainly about Freddie Mercury and his life that we would get to see a bit inside the three other bandmates’ lives. All in all, I would rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars because I really enjoyed it and I liked how the movie was executed but I still had questions about the other bandmates.

This movie no doubt means so much to so many people and I think they had a great delivery and an amazing way of depicting Mercury’s life. I especially appreciated the attention to detail when it came to angles and the reflections of Mercury’s sunglasses. Bohemian Rhapsody will surely make you either cry or laugh and if you’re a super fan like me, a little bit of both.