Weighing in on Weight Training

The benefits to a class not many have taken yet


Brason Tickle

Senior Kevin Roberts works out on the bench press. Weight training is about improving your technique. The coaches teaching this class have had years of experience. They will make sure you know what you are doing.

Brason Tickle, Reporter

Weight training is the class that most kids think they’ll pick if they can’t get fitness walking. That’s not how I like to think of it. It’s really an opportunity to learn how to program your lifts after high school and college.

You don’t have to lift heavy in the class if you play a sport while taking it. It’s more about the technique. The coaches teaching this class have had years of experience. They will make sure you know what you are doing.

The lifts you do depend on the coach you get. Sodemann will do more of circuit type training. For example, one day might be jump roping, air squats and dumbbell bench press. Another day might be dumbbell snatches and jump shrugs. Jolliff will take one body part and destroy it. Let’s say it is shoulder day, then he’ll do power clean, military press and front raises. There is one similarity. They both want you to get better at the core lifts.

I decided to ask around, including a coach, a little more about the class. 

“It’s based on linear periodization and form…do the same weight until you go up,” coach Sodemann said. 

That’s the function of the class. Adding weight slowly while getting better at the lift. Now, here’s what happens to the students.

“I think if you’re weightlifting, you’ll become a better athlete…bigger, faster,” Sodemann said. “We’re not bodybuilding, we want functional strength.”

I think there is proof to this. I’ve seen kids get all around stronger in the class. Even kids doing something physical outside of the class.

Senior Kevin Roberts took the class while doing marching band.

“I feel healthier. I feel more awake and physically I’ve improved,” Roberts said. 

Senior Chris Davis, a new student to the class, had this to say.

“I know he is a good teacher and so far he has helped me out tremendously. I am also hoping to learn new workouts I haven’t done yet,” Davis said. 

I hope this informs everyone about the class and makes them consider if they want to take it.