A Hint of the Holidays

Mr. Hendricks educates and celebrates Three Kings Day with his students


Sarah Downs

Students in Mr. Hendricks’ class left their shoes outside the classroom where candy was put in for Three Kings Day.

London Powell, Reporter

Most days when you walk into your classes, you’re expecting the same old thing as always and that is usually what happens. However, Spanish teacher Mr. Hendricks switched it up on Jan. 4.

Hendricks decided to teach his students about a holiday called “Three Kings Day”, which is commonly practiced in Spanish speaking countries and celebrates the three wise men traveling to visit baby Jesus.

“Part of studying a language is studying the culture and this is one of the biggest holidays in these countries,” Hendricks said.

One of the ways this holiday is traditionally celebrated is by having the kids leave their shoes outside before they go to bed and then when they wake up, the kids have presents left by their shoes.

To mimic this celebration, Hendricks had his students place one shoe outside of the classroom and they each received a piece of candy in their shoe.

“It was a very unique way to teach it,” freshman Christina Bertenshaw said. “It was interesting and engaging.”

The celebration seemed to be a hit among students and was overall a great experience.

“I really liked learning about it,” said freshman Fiona Flynn.

Fun educational days like these are very appreciated and other teachers should take a note from Hendricks.