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State-qualifying athletes are recognized with new tradition

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Bridget Morris

Swimmers and state qualifiers sophomore Caroline Myers (left) and freshman Evan Worobec (right) join the state qualifiers who participated in the all-school clap out Thursday before the team left for state.

Lizzie Kayser, Reporter

Braden McMakin
Students cheer on the wrestlers as they leave for state Thursday morning.

For a few minutes, Liberty’s halls were transformed into a lively rally for its most recent state-qualifying athletes.

Both the wrestling team and girls swim team walked through lines of cheering students and teachers between second and third hour. The clap out, created to support the state-bound athletes, proved to be extremely effective.

“It definitely hyped everyone up,” sophomore Caroline Myers, a swim team state qualifier, said. “Lots of people don’t know much about swimming, so it was great to feel recognized and appreciated for all the work we have put it.”

Many of us swim most days, so it’s a huge part of our lives. We’re appreciative of the fact that so many people care about swimming and have started to notice us.

— Caroline Myers

Activities Director Mr. Eldredge organized the clap out after discussing it with some of Liberty’s coaches. He hopes it will become a long-standing tradition to honor accomplished athletes.

“I feel like we haven’t always done a good job at recognizing students’ achievements,” Eldredge said. “[The clap out] is an excellent way to give them public recognition.”

After the clap out, the wrestlers left for the Missouri state championship, which will be held at Mizzou from Thursday Feb. 14 through Saturday Feb. 16. Meanwhile, the girls swimming state championship will be held in St. Peters Friday and Saturday.

In order to go to state, athletes usually must place or make a certain time in their event. Swimmer Caroline Myers qualified for the 100-yard backstroke, 200-yard freestyle, 200-yard medley relay and 400-yard medley relay, but it wasn’t without hard work. Getting to state can be extremely difficult for swimmers. Falling even one second behind the qualifying time can keep them from going, so the team is dedicated to practicing.

“Many of us swim most days, so it’s a huge part of our lives,” Myers said. “We’re appreciative of the fact that so many people care about swimming and have started to notice us.”

Mr. Eldredge’s vision is already having a positive impact on students athletes. He is proud of all Liberty’s teams, not just state qualifiers, have accomplished.

Braden McMakin
Members of the swim team are greeted by students during the school clap out for the state qualifiers.

Swimming State Qualifiers

Hallie Anderson

Anna Decker

Lanni Guffey

Olivia Guffey

Aubrey McCain

Caroline Myers

Dessa Outman

Marjori Russo

Evan Worobec

Wrestling State Qualifiers

Wyatt Haynes

Trentin Helton

Brandon Jones

Janna Stevenson

Christian Zeik