Horoscopes: Fact or Fiction?

Sara Bailey, Reporter

Does your zodiac sign determine your personality, values and possibly your future? It’s about time we dive deep on this controversial debate.

What are Zodiac Signs?

There are 12 Zodiac signs, each with their own unique characteristics, dependent on the day you were born. The signs in order are Aries (assertive, impulsive, independent), Taurus (sensual, stubborn, grounded), Gemini (dynamic, mischievous talented), Cancer (sensitive, practical, friend-oriented), Leo (proud, popular, creative), Virgo (clever, creative, people-pleaser), Libra (adventurous, lavish, indecisive), Scorpio (powerful, secretive, independent), Sagittarius(open-minded, insensitive, traveler), Capricorn (hardworking, straight-forward, loyal), Aquarius (distant, eccentric, innovative), and Pisces (sensual, sensitive, can’t function alone).

Zodiac Sign Origins

For a very long time the zodiac were used by many civilizations to determine characteristics regarding personality. The Chinese, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and so on. From early records of civilizations, we can trace Zodiac signs all the way back to the Sumerians. This then passed on to the Mesopotamians, and from then to the Greeks. They were then called zodiac, derived from Greek word meaning “circle of animals”. Essentially, all of this information came from the stars, and the study of astrology in early human life.

How Accurate are They?

Many claim that Zodiac sign descriptions and horoscopes use the “self fulfilling prophecy” in order to make people believe they are accurate. Essentially, this means that if you read something about yourself, you will automatically accept it to be true. For example, if your horoscope says that you are a hardworking person but also like to goof around, most people would say; “Yeah, that’s me!” Vague, mostly relatable descriptions may be used to describe the majority in one way or another.

However, some argue that our bodies are indeed tied to the stars, and how they move. Our moods change with the seasons, and nature effects our mindsets, so why don’t the stars effect at least some aspect of ourselves? Especially on the day you were born. It’s not clear just how accurate they are, as some people are very skeptical, while others know everything from their rising sign to their Jupiter ascending.

What Students and Staff are saying about Horoscopes

Julia Bailey
Sophomore Abby Shields

Abby Shields, Sophomore, Libra

“I do believe that the planets and stars and all that kind of stuff affects us. The moon affects the tides, why can’t it affect us? But I don’t think the daily horoscopes are accurate.”

Julia Bailey
Freshman Paige Bostic

Paige Bostic, Freshman, Capricorn

“I think a lot of horoscopes tell you what you want to hear. You know it’s just so vague you can find a way to apply it to yourself. There’s a huge culture on the internet constantly reinforcing the traits that your sign has, and I think if you’re reading them over and over again you’re eventually going to identify with them.”

photo provided by Amethyst Pictures

Mr. Weis, Teacher, Sagittarius

“It’s fun and empowering to read all those supposed positive aspects of yourself. I’d say most horoscopes are positive. If you spend all day believing something good or looking for something good to happen, it might make you a better person, regardless of how accurate it is. It brings us hope.”