The Ultimate ‘The Office’ Quiz

If you get over 14, then you are an expert!


Julia Bailey

Freshman Michael Gannon watches an episode of The Office.

Julia Bailey, Reporter

Get ready to have you skills tested, grab a piece of paper and write down your answers! The key is at the bottom of the article.

  1. What case was Toby a part of?

            a. He wasn’t apart of a case

            b. Scranton Stabber

            c. Pennsylvania Pusher

            d. Scranton Strangler

       2. What does Dwight call Cece?

            a. Cecelia

            b. P.P.

            c. Dee Dee

            d. Cece

       3. Where did Andy disappear to for 3 months?

            a. The Bahamas on a boat with his brother.

            b. The Bermuda with Erin

            c. Florida by himself  

            d. New York with Ryan

       4. How many siblings does Dwight have?

           a. 1

           b. 3

           c. 2

           d. 0

       5. Does Stanley have a mustache?

           a. Yes

           b. No

       6. Where did Pam go to College?

           a. St. Louis University

           b. Pratt Institute

           c. Howard

           d. Royal College of Art

       7. Who spilled the chili in the office?

           a. Michael

           b. Dwight

           c. Angela

           d. Kevin

       8. Who replaced Michael as Santa for Christmas on year?

           a. Stanley

           b. Kevin

           c. Phyllis

           d. Andy

       9. What is the name for Toby’s podcast?

           a. Toby’s Tea  

           b. The Flenderson Files

           c. Podcast

           d. True Crime

       10. What was Michael’s character’s name in ‘Threat Level Midnight’?

           a. Michael Scarn

           b. Michael Scorn

           c. Michael Scram

           d. Michael Scott

       11. What was the worst thing about prison according to Prison Mike?

           a. The guards

           b. The guys

           c. The dementors

           d. The wizards

       12. What musical did Andy perform in?

           a. Sweeney Todd

           b. Wicked

           c. Hamilton

           d. Waitress

       13. Who killed Angela’s cat?

           a. Creed

           b. Ryan

           c. Michael

           d. Dwight  

       14. What was Jan’s baby named?

           a. Astrid

           b. Anna

           c. Alaska

           d. Annie

       15. What was the name of Michael’s book?

           a. How to Manage

           b. The Office

           c. Somehow I Manage

           d. Best Boss Award

If you got…

1-5/15: You need to go and watch this show just a few more times.

6-10/15: You know a small amount, but could use some more episodes.

11-13/15: You did great! But not as well as Dwight could probably do.

14-15/15: You aced it! You could definitely be branch manager one day.

1. D 2. B 3. A 4. c 5. A 6. B 7. D 8. C 9. B 10. A 11. C 12. A 13. D 14. A 15. C