Picture Perfect

Fall athletes pose for the start of the 2019-2020 season


Jax Drezek

The Eagle Regiment troops onto the football field to play the National Anthem.

Haleigh McCune, Reporter

One of the things that Liberty prides itself on is its traditions. And if the students don’t show enough enthusiasm for them, Mr. Nelson definitely has plenty to go around. 

From the bridge walks to pep assemblies, Midnight Madness and Red Night, there are not many schools that can say they have the same experiences this school does. Liberty does things kind of different. 

This past Saturday the fall sports teams were introduced. From soccer to regiment, students everywhere were preparing for the day ahead.  For some athletes, the day began at around 5:30 a.m. (yikes). Some of our finest woke up to start the day. At least I would assume the girls did. Football and soccer probably slept in for their makeup didn’t need to be done for pictures. 

After going between the gym and fields for pictures and parent meetings, students were told to go to their respective fields or courts. This included softball, volleyball, girls golf, cross country, boys swimming, soccer, football, cheer, and dance. Soccer, volleyball, tennis and softball had scrimmages first. Against each other! Sports such as softball put their JV and varsity players together to create two teams and play a game.  Others such as soccer simply divided their larger varsity teams into two to also play a game. 

After these scrimmages were done, all of the athletes took the field. It was time for them to be introduced. They stood together with their teammates and waited in anticipation for their sport to be called. 

The players’ families were in the bleachers, in the grass, and everywhere else they could stand to support their kids and school.  Even on an early, rainy day like today. 

Football players lined up, mostly silent in anticipation of the game. Cheerleaders repeatedly practiced their cheers. Oh, and let’s not forget athletic director Mr. Eldredge running across the track trying to get everyone together in one place and divide them into their sports. Things like this make events like Saturday’s special to Liberty.

If you still think that these things don’t set us apart, imagine Mr. Wheeler’s voice projecting over all of this, trying to tell everyone the schedule of events for the morning. He is definitely special to LHS.

Aside from all of these things, athletes actually love our school. Freshman Emma Mulherin, a softball player “like[s] the thought of some of [her] peers coming to watch, it’ll be more support,” she says. 

Eric Mason, a senior football player’s favorite thing about playing is our student section. Although most of the time he doesn’t really “notice that they (the crowds,) are there,” he knows our rowdy students are still present. 

Student Council does a good job of getting students hyped at games. And without that “hype” I’m sure that the football team wouldn’t feel as supported. These things are special to our school. 

Another thing that makes Liberty unique? Our seniors are actually sad to go. Especially the cheerleaders. 

A cheerleader’s job is pretty tough. They are always smiling. Always. That has to be tiring. They perform stunts and moves that could cause them to fall and potentially get really hurt. Not to mention the fact that not every football game is cool and clear for them to be standing outside at. This goes for dance and band too. Despite all of these things, seniors are still sad to go. 

Paige Huettenmeyer, senior cheerleader described her last year on high school cheer as sad, exciting, and monumental. Monumental. I think she’s going out with a bang. And she’s prepared to help the girls coming in to take her spot. 

“I have more responsibility to help all the younger girls and teach them the right things,” Huettenmeyer said. This is special to Liberty. 

Actually taking the initiative to influence and help underclassmen? Being willing to take the time to teach someone else and making your school better for it? This will only continue to make us a closer and stronger school. 

Saturday was the beginning of the end for some of you. The last year that you will come onto that field or court as a high school athlete. But because of your actions and the way that you treat your teammates and others at our school, your legacy will live on. And we will continue to stand out.