Back In Business

Liberty adjusts for another successful school year

Julia Bailey


Lauren Spakowski

Jaylie Givens (center) talks and laughs with Ella Murphy at the bridgewalk.

Emily Barnett and Fiona Flynn

It’s that time of year. The time of waking up early in the morning while it’s still dark, reuniting with friends you didn’t get to catch up with during the summer, and getting adjusted to a schedule full of new classes and extracurriculars has begun. 

As the high school begins its seventh year of establishment, tradition remains one of Liberty’s core objectives and values. The first day of school included the freshman bridgewalk and assembly which has been a present tradition since the very first year. 

This year’s bridgewalk captured the excitement of the incoming freshmen being welcomed into the high school, this year with a count of 384 enrolled students.

Haleigh McCune
(left to right) Faith Barnes, Allison Apollo, Elektra Lowe and Vincent Jarus listen to Mr. Nelson as he encouraged freshmen to be respectful students while at Liberty.

“I don’t feel nervous, more prepared and ready for high school,” freshman Rhett Cunningham said.

Sarah Downs
Freshman Ryan Castillo makes his way across the bridge on his first day of high school.

This tradition has sparked the beginning of a great school year for students and staff.

“I’m excited to be a freshman because it’s a new adventure,” stated Hailey Davies, after settling in at a lunch table with her friends after a stimulating assembly. 

Liberty’s principal Mr. Nelson and PE teacher Mr. Sodemann were both inspiring speakers on the first day assembly. During both speeches, both staff members gave their thoughts on how Liberty is a safe place for everyone to be respected and cared for as a family. 

Liberty cannot wait to welcome all the new students joining us this year and encourages everyone to make every single day count. Set goals and achieve them. Meet new people and make new friends. Join after school clubs. Make the 2019-2020 school year the greatest year of all.