What Makes A Show Binge Worthy? 

Students tell us what makes a show good enough to binge watch. 


Serena Bartels

There are many different aspects to making a show binge worthy.

Serena Bartels, Reporter

Why wait a whole week for the next episode of your favorites show, when you can watch an entire season all at once? Binge watching gives the audience instant gratification for a seamless story. It’s what Netflix and other streaming services have crafted, to allow people to watch their favorite shows non-stop. 

When you ask your friends what they did over the weekend, many of them would admit to watching their favorite shows on Netflix over and over again. So what is it that can make someone sit for hours watching a show? What make a show binge worthy? 

For some people like freshman Arthi Kondapaneni, it may be the cliff hangers and the suspense in a show.

“It’s when the story builds up to the climax and then the people wait for the resolution so they can see what happens to their favorite characters,” Kondapaneni said. 

To be able to watch a show for a long span of time, the show first needs to have a good base or storyline. Who would want to watch a show constantly that has no movement to it? That’s why some of the most streamed shows include “Stranger Things” and “The Office.” 

The show “Stranger Things” includes a young boy vanishing, sinister monsters and secret portals to another world. If you’re not a huge fan of dark and scary shows then “The Office” is another most streamed show that includes laughter and actor Michael Scott. There is never a dull moment in these shows, making them perfect to binge watch. 

For other people to make a story binge worthy it needs to keep them on their toes. 

“It has to cash my attention for a long period of time,” freshman Trevor Campbell said. 

One of the most important parts to making a binge worthy show, is the need to “catch” the audience. Leaving the viewers on a cliffhangers. Cliffhangers make the viewers want to know more and want to watch more. Watching an episode one after another creates the seamless story so we do not have to think about what might happen in the next episode. 

So makes a show binge worthy enough for you? Is it the build up of the climax or the cliff hangers left after every episode? There are many different aspects to making a show binge worthy, so what’s yours?