Connecting With Music 

Students learn new skills in Ms. Pieper’s piano class 


Sabryn Gibson

Piano class is introducing students to music and instruments making an impact in Liberty.

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

For many students who take piano class, the experience is more than simply just the credits. It’s being able to connect with music during the school day. Students learn how to play the piano and you also get a chance to play for your classmates almost every week.

“I like how it’s quiet and I can just relax and play piano,” freshman Faith Gosnell said. 

Ms. Pieper is the teacher and she teaches students how to read music, the history of piano, and familiarizes students with music and instruments.

“Learning to play a musical instrument has allowed me to grow and develop as an individual,” Ms. Pieper said. “I have learned to work hard, be persistent, and never give up until I got it right.”

Pieper believes that music can impact the atmosphere and people’s emotions. She also says that it is a phenomenal way to share expression and emotion with others and hopes to share this with her students.

“I hope that my students will learn a new skill that they may enjoy for the rest of their lives, if they choose to do so and that they learn that hard work and persistence pays off,” she said.

Schools with music programs have an estimated a 90 percent graduation rate and 93 percent attendance compared to other schools, according to Children’s Music Workshop. 

Music can lead you to travel and meet new people. Playing an instrument can open up opportunities for the future. You could play at venues all over the world if you stick with an instrument and play it for others. Piano can open up opportunities for you if you let it.

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