Golf: Liberty’s Hidden Sport

Liberty golf players share their challenges of the golf season


Allison Apollo

Madeline Francis tees off at her during a match.

Allison Apollo, Reporter

With a hard ‘thwack’, the ball is off in the air, flying far until it hits a tree branch. Looking for it will be a triumph in itself if you don’t turn into a human puddle from the heat. 

Golf, something many people love but doesn’t get enough attention. And many people don’t know the struggles of golf either. Students aren’t allowed to ride a cart at all, they must decline offers and walk the course. We have yet to factor in that students also have to carry their equipment, there are a lucky few that could buy a cart for their equipment.

“The downsides are that you get really tired and unmotivated sometimes,” Norah Wibbenmeyer, a sophomore, explains some of the downsides to carrying equipment around the golf course for just a couple of hours. 

The Golf Club of Wentzville is massive, walking it is just as hard as hitting the golf ball into trees and trying to find it. The golf course is roughly three miles and these students have to walk in the heat, carrying or pushing a cart full of heavy golf equipment.

“Some downsides to golf are the short season and how hot it is when we have practices or matches,” sophomore Sean Bruce said. “I do not think that golf gets enough recognition for how hard we work, maybe it’s just because our sport is not on campus or that most students think that golf is boring. That stigma isn’t the case. So maybe if you have the chance, come and support the Liberty golf team.”

Golf is about teaching students patience and good morals. You could easily cheat in golf but you have to have a strong will power to not cheat. Golfers must have patience and have a good work ethic too. 

“I put almost my whole summer into golf, whether that be playing golf or spending a day at the driving range, and I dedicate most of my after school time to golf as well with long practice every afternoon,” Bruce explains his own time spent on just golf alone, working to be on varsity.