High Heat

Haley Miller leads her select softball team to a third place finish at nationals over the summer


Photo submitted by Haley Miller

Haley Miller wines up to record another strike out this year

Jaxin Osinski, Reporter

While the sun was beating down on a July afternoon in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, all the girls were sweating but they didn’t care. The entire Aftermath Fastpitch team was locked in on their pitcher, Haley Miller.

They were playing one of the best teams in the tournament and Miller was throwing a shutout game something no one thought was possible. It was the bottom of the seventh inning with two outs and Miller didn’t hesitate and mowed down the last batter to complete her complete game shutout.

That was Miller’s 25th strikeout of the weekend and her 186th of the year. 

“I like that,” said Miller’s teammates. That was the team’s special cheer they used during games and this was the perfect time to scream it.

Miller and her teammates soaked in the great win and then forgot about it and zoned in on their next game against the Silver Hawks. The team who has been trash talking them the whole tournament. So this game was personal for them and tensions were high.

The emotions of this game reminded Miller of the intense games last fall when her high school team at Liberty played  Timberland.

Gametime finally arrived.  Miller led her teammates through their good luck dance to the song “Butter Pecan” by YNW Melly and they were all siked up for this matchup.

Two hours of blood, sweat, and tears later Miller and her team found themselves victorious. The Silver Hawks were now going home and Aftermath Fastpitch was staying in Kentucky to prepare for the biggest game yet.

“We are like a family and that shows on the field,” Miller said.

The big game wasn’t until the next day so the rest of the day was for the team to have fun and bond together. The day consisted of Miller and her teammates going to Kentucky Kingdom and playing hours of pool in the hotel lobby.

She instantly makes me love the sport even more when I’m playing with her. She always has a positive attitude and loves the game just as much as me.”

— Kendall Weber

Miller’s teammate Kendall Weber loves playing softball with Haley because of the energy she brings and that she’s a fun person to be around.

“She instantly makes me love the sport even more when I’m playing with her. She always has a positive attitude and loves the game just as much as me,” Weber said. 

Miller woke up that next day thinking it was their day to shine and go win this whole tournament. Although it was an off day for Aftermath Fastpitch. 

They played their hearts out and left it all out there but it wasn’t their day. They were eliminated from the tournament taking third place. Miller and her teammates were very emotional but it was an unforgettable weekend for all of them.

Now that select season is over Miller has gone right into varsity softball this fall for the Eagles. She either starts in the outfield or on the mound for her team. The team has a new coach this year and they are looking to do damage.