Qdoba vs. Chipotle

Students comment on their preferred Mexican fast food


Serena Bartels, Reporter

What’s the big difference between Chipotle and Qdoba? What makes the food better? What’s your favorite food item to get on the menu? We asked high school students these questions to get down to one of the most popular debates of all time, Chipotle vs. Qdoba. 

Lilly Watkins (9) 

Freshman Lilly Watkins says Qdoba is the way to go. She goes to Qdoba at least once a week to enjoy her favorite meal, chicken and cheese quesadilla with rice, chips and a side of pico di gallo. One of her favorite things about Qdoba is the queso and chips.

“The chips at Qdoba have more salt on them to me, thay have more crunch and there so much better than Chipotle’s chips,” Watkins said. She votes 100% Qdoba without a doubt. 

Which do you prefer?


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Lauren Spakowski (12)

“Qdoba is 100% better than Chipotle,” senior Lauren Spakowski said. 

She usually gets a chicken and cheese quesadilla with queso and sour cream at Qdoba. One of the most popular items at Qdoba is their queso. When compared to Chipotle queso, it gets an A plus. 

Mya Waldren (11)

Junior Mya Waldren loves Chipotle. She gets a bowl with chicken, white rice, black beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheese.  says the food is super fresh and has a great taste. She says in her opinion Chipotle gives you more food in a bowl. 

“Aside from the fact that Chipotle has food that’s appealing to the eye, it’s quality is a 10/10. It always tastes so fresh and flavorful. I could be in the mood for it any day,” Waldern said. 

Anna Mecker (9) 

Freshman Anna Mecker votes for Chipotle over Qdoba. It’s all about the taste for Mecker, having fresh food that’s really tasty. She orders a chicken bowl at Chipotle. 

“The cost for what you get is good at Chipotle, and it’s so worth spending money on guac if I know its fresh,” Mecker said. 

So what fast food Mexican restaurant gets your vote? Qdoba or Chipotle.