And The Games Begin

Pep rally brings an energetic start to homecoming weekend

Julia Bailey, Madison Pegg, Sruthi Ramesh, Nolan Piasecki, and Paige Bostic


Haleigh McCune

Carter Kussman (12) and Hailey Forck (12) strike a pose after finishing their Belles and Bros dance. The tradition is a crowd favorite during the Homecoming pep rally.

Lizzie Kayser, Reporter

The floor was shaking, the band was playing and the crowd was hyped. Friday’s pep rally was a perfect way to show the school that “the games had begun.”

Emcee’s Grace Pickering and Aminhan Lobster, dressed as the Candyland princess and the Monopoly man started the assembly by introducing this year’s spirit king and queen – junior Jake Parmentier and sophomore Maddie Ashlock. The two were led to “VIP” seating at the front of the student section.

Both were excited to see their work from spirit week recognized. 

“I’m really glad to see my efforts paid off. The people who voted for me are the real ones,” Parmentier said. 

As no surprise to her students, Ms. Borders won “most spirited teacher”. Although it was a little out of her comfort zone, Borders decided to put together spirit day outfits both to continue the English department’s winning streak and appease her students. 

“It feels really good. I got to interact with students I didn’t know before,” Borders said. “I even substituted in a class dressed as Kermit the Frog. I hope it encouraged students to be interested in what was going on with homecoming week.”

Several groups were recognized for their spirit week decorating skills. Working against the rain, French Club’s rendition of Mona Lisa won the sidewalk chalk art contest. The 2022 class committee won the first hallway decorating contest for their “Twister” themed 200 hallway. 

The competition didn’t end there. Aminhan Lobster tossed off her top hat to show the school her winning “most epic lip sync battle” with Mr. Barker, featuring crowd favorites from Ariana Grande and Eminem. 

Teachers also faced off against students in a game of Family Feud. After a near tie, the students won, though not without a struggle.

“I guess we’re not very good at this game,” Lobster quipped after the students couldn’t figure out an answer on the board.

Sophomore Kiersten Baumgartner’s favorite part of the pep assembly was the annual “Belles and Bros” performance. This year’s highlight was senior Carter Kussman’s mid-air flip, accompanied by songs like Fergalicious. 

“It’s different to see the boys dancing out there because it’s not something they stereotypically get to do,” Baumgartner said.

Students left the assembly ready to take on homecoming weekend. 

“[The assembly] hyped me up because I normally don’t go out and do things like [homecoming],” Baumgartner said. “It makes me excited to go out and be around people.”