French Club Takes Another Dub

French Club holds the title of champs in the HoCo chalk drawing contest again


Lucy Hunter

French Club’s beautiful chalk masterpiece of the Mona Lisa.

Kaylee Williams, Reporter

French club has many talents, from speaking French to being able to draw the Mona Lisa with chalk.  Drawing with chalk has been one of their major successes each year during spirit week. They’ve won the chalk drawing contest for the second consecutive year.  

Madame Farrelly came up with the idea of drawing the Mona Lisa but Megan Foster, Alyssa Bailey, Madelyn Meinhardt, and Katie Meinhardt made her vision come to life, in only three hours.

“It combines two of my favorite things, art, and French, so I get excited when it comes up… I get really competitive when it comes to artwork so I was willing to put in more effort than most people probably would have,” senior Megan Foster said.

Her effort in the piece really paid off. The announcement was made at the pep assembly and the winner of the chalk contest got pizza. 

We were trying to figure out how to incorporate a French theme into the Homecoming theme (Let the Games Begin), so we thought the Mona Lisa holding cards would be fun.  Then, we added in the pun of ‘French Club holds the cards… let the games begin’ because we were the reigning champs and we wanted it to look like the Mona Lisa was challenging the other clubs with their sidewalk chalk,” Madame Farrelly said.

“Last year’s theme was ‘The Greatest Homecoming…’ (circus-y theme) so we drew two trapeze artists at a circus passing a croissant between them, with one saying ‘Stop!  I could have dropped my croissant!’ based on the popular Vine,” Farrelly said. Their drawings are so creative, that they deserve to be the champs.  

Madame Farrelly is the proud host of French club with a total of 20 students in the winning club. If you are in French class, join in on the fun.