Bullying: Is It Really Worth It?

Junior Eric Welker speaks on his own experience with bullying, to hopefully help people who need it.

Stop bullying. In the end it's not worth it.

Stop bullying. In the end it's not worth it.

Kaylee Williams, Reporter

Before you say what’s on your mind you might want to think about its impact on the person before saying it. You never know what that person is going through outside of school, who knows school may be their safe place and you’re making their safe place not so safe anymore. 

They might get some bad thoughts going through their heads since everywhere they go they can’t really relax and actually forget about the bad stuff happening around them. 

Even a little simple smile, wave or hello in the hallway could make someone’s bad day a lot better. 

When Junior Eric Welker was asked about his bullying experience, he replied with this: 

When I was first bullied for being gay, I was shocked. I couldn’t comprehend how someone could be subjected to that sort of treatment for just being themselves. I was very hurt and spent the majority of that day crying in the counselor’s office. Negative comments are still directed at me almost every day. I just do my best to ignore them and stay true to myself.” 

Unfortunately for Welker, he was a shy kid and didn’t really stick up for himself. One thing he said that helps with the effects of bullying is having a group of friends that will stick by you no matter what. 

If you’re dealing with bullying and you feel like you’re alone, please tell someone you trust, whether it is a teacher, a counselor, your friends, maybe your parents. You are not alone and you do not have to fight alone. Yes, it will be scary to speak up about what’s happening but if you don’t say anything to the bully themselves or to someone you trust, nothing is going to change.

Welker gave some advice to anyone who needs it.

“Speak up! Nothing will change unless you defend yourself. I would also tell them to ignore the hate they’re receiving and be themselves. Don’t change yourself for anybody, but yourself.” 

Keep this in mind. If you’re happy doing something, continue to do it. Don’t worry about what others think. Make sure you’re happy before wanting to make someone else happy. The truth is, if you stand up for yourself the bully would be more likely to stop. If you laugh it off to them, then they would back off. Do what you want because at the end of the day no one’s opinions matter. 

It will get better, keep your head high and keep pushing through it.