At Your Local Library

St. Charles City-County library branches allow students to have access to many resources


Emily Barnett

Mrs Strathman eagerly signs up for a library card.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

Walking from class to class during passing periods, you may have noticed a table set up at the end of the 200 hallway on Oct. 16. 

The St. Charles City-County Library distributed applications for library cards that can be sent to you within two weeks of signing up. There were 285 students who either presented their existing public library cards, or signed up for library cards Oct. 16.  

Ms. Borders has offered extra credit to her English students who sign up for a library card.

“I think library cards are a great way to utilize my resources out of a school. I would probably use the online sources and books because they are free through the library,” sophomore Athena Widlacki said. 

When you think of your local library, you might not think of much other than a place to check out books, but the library has much to offer with its programs, resources, and items that community members have access to. 

The library district has 12 locations sprinkled throughout the St. Charles County area. Anyone with a library card is able to check out books, music, magazines, movies, audiobooks and video games. The libraries also allow you to check out unusual items like cake pans, fitness kits, kitchen equipment, and telescopes. In addition, the library presents a variety of public events and classes for the community. There are book discussion groups, children’s storytimes, teen events, art classes, author visits, technology training, game nights, concerts and summer reading programs for all ages. 

“The public library is top 10 in size in the country and the variety of resources that there are is incredible. They just offer something for literally everybody. It’s completely free for everybody, so it’s just an awesome tool for you to have,” librarian Mrs. Oliva said.