One Too Many Snow Days?

Five snow days have extended the end of the school year to June 1


Jayce Haun

Due to the 5 snow days, the new last day of school will be June 1.

Cara Turner, Reporter

Have you ever woken up nice and early to get ready for school, then your mom comes in in the middle of you brushing your teeth to tell you that you have a snow day, good thing or bad thing?

People seem to have mixed feelings about snow days. Some say they’re great, it’s a nice break. But some say it’s not so great due to tests, quizzes, and assignments getting pushed and other things like that. 

Either way, people spend their snow days different.

As of right now, we’ve had five snow days and we get out on June 1. For the seniors, their last day is May 21st.

Freshman Ally Reyes really enjoyed her snow day earlier this winter. When asked what Reyes does, she responded, “I sleep in and do homework. I love snow days because you aren’t at school and you have the day to relax and work on homework.”

Reyes also said she enjoyed “hanging out with friends if the roads weren’t so bad. The worst part about snow days is having to go back to school the next day,” she laughs. 

Freshman Kay Copeland spends time catching up on work from the previous day.

“I just kind of chill out,” Copeland said. “I usually reserve the day for reading or doing homework.”

However, there is a dark side to snow days. Whenever there is a snow day, we miss a day of school. That adds to the number of days at the end of the school year. Currently, we are going until June. It takes away from our summer vacation. Also, some students’ families have vacations during the summer, and students may miss those makeup days.

There is no set temperature or wind chill for the Wentzville School District to cancel school. It depends on a number of different elements including road conditions and if the buses are able to warm up or not. Dr. Cain goes around

Either way, snow days do happen and will be have to be made up.