Door-Deck The Halls

Getting into the holiday spirit through art


Jayce Haun

Junior Britney Thai works on a Door Deck.

Paige Bostic, Videographer

As the Christmas season begins, so does a season of holiday spirit at Liberty High School. As students enter their hallways for classes, there is a new layer of decorations on the ceilings, walls, and of course, doors! Door Decks have been a yearly StuCo tradition, as decorations match the year’s popular culture and memes. In order to make each door unique, StuCo starts work on the doors weeks in advance. During these weeks, StuCo becomes an art group; drawing, painting, and coloring to their heart’s content, making vibrant rolls of paper for each door. When their hard work comes to an end, their Christmas present to the school is a new festive school.