FCCLA Hosts Canned Food Drive For Oasis Food Pantry

Club collects 74 cans during the week of Dec. 2-6


Lucy Hunter

FCCLA had a canned food drive table near the front lobby where students and staff could make donations.

Allison Apollo, Reporter

The canned food drive was hosted between Dec. 2-6 to collect canned food items for the Oasis Food Pantry by FCCLA. 

The turnout of cans and other food-related items may not have reached their goal, but Mrs. Pizzo remains optimistic about it.

“We have completed the drive and we have 74 cans,” Pizzo said. “It’s a movement that we have to work on, maybe next year we’ll make it more competitive. Maybe make it between clubs.” 

Mrs. Pizzo would love to bring the drive back next year but have Liberty’s clubs compete to raise more cans, instead of just A.I. classes. 

For daring to try something new, the turnout wasn’t totally lackluster. Mrs. Pizzo, especially, and many FCCLA students that helped organize are pleased with how it came to be. 

“You have to shoot for the moon to try and land in the stars,” Mrs. Pizzo says about trying to launch the can food drive.