How Much Is Too Much?

Pressure and stress from parents affect students’ mental health


K Queen

Students struggle to keep good grades with parents putting tons of pressure and expectations on them.

K Queen, Reporter

School stresses everyone in different ways. Some kids stress about not being able to see their friends or having free time for themselves. But some kids stress about getting grades up, getting all A’s and not disappointing their parents. Many kids across the United States, across the world, try to do anything in their power to get the best possible grades because parents pressure them to be the best of the best. 

Parents put too much pressure on their children’s academic performance at school in order to get into great universities. Some side effects that are the result of too much pressure are a high chance of a mental illness such as depression and/or anxiety, self-esteem problems, insomnia, and an increased chance of cheating. According to verywell family, 82% of kids say their parents have an influence on how they deal with pressure.

Another way kids are being pressured is by social media. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat pressure kids to appear perfect in real life. Studies show that 56% of kids say social media pressures them in their everyday lives. This again can cause self-esteem issues and higher chances of mental illnesses. 

One way parents can help lower the pressure on students is by encouraging honest and open conversations. This way kids can communicate exactly how they feel about certain topics.

Another way is parents can encourage their child to talk to a therapist or a counselor if they are not comfortable sharing their emotions with their parents. Children also copy what their parents do, so if they see their parents smoking or drinking they will follow in their footsteps. Try not to abuse substances in front of your children and set the best example you can. 

In conclusion, parents influence the pressure on their kids way more than they realize. Both parents and kids need to find a way to discuss how they feel and to find a common ground that both parties can benefit from. And parents, ask yourself this: are you putting too much pressure on your child?