Ever-growing Mannequin

Mrs. Strathman’s HBS class continues on their year-long project

Monica Reyes, Reporter

Ms. Strathman’s Human Body Systems class is still working on their mannequin project. They have just finished adding on to the digestive system.

Sophomore Diego Rocha-Gonzales says that his favorite part about the project was learning how complex the body is.

“It’s very fun and interesting to learn all about the body and its functions,” Rocha-Gonzales said. 

The students also have the chance to personalize their mannequin if they want to. They can add hair and nails if they wish, but Rocha-Gonzales doesn’t want to do that.

“I think that this project is very special because we can put into perspective the size of things in our body and where everything goes. We use clay so it’s really fun!” Junior Bailey Crow said.

Lucy Hunter
Human Body Systems is a “Project Lead the Way” course, a STEM course program, that has qualified teachers teach consistent content.

“Adding hair and nails would be so extra.”

Mrs. Strathman explains the project in a little more detail. 

“The project is just to assist their learning. The project shows how well they are doing in class. It allows me to see how well they know the placement of the organs and its functions,” Strathman said. “They are doing really well with it and I think that they like it so that’s good.”

They are still not close to being finished yet, despite working from the beginning of the year. The project will be 100% finished by the end of the year. 

“They just finished the digestive system and the respiratory system. Next is the urinary system,” Strathman said. “Then they are done by the end of the year.”