Welcoming A New Member To The Liberty Team

Ms. Stellhorn joins the Social Studies department this semester


Lucy Hunter

Ms. Stellhorn helps freshman Nathan Hanks in first hour geography. Stellhorn is a new member of the LHS teaching staff.

Brianna Howard, Reporter

Ms. Stellhorn has dreamed of becoming a teacher from a young age. 

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was 15,” she exclaimed. 

Her dreams seemed to have fallen into place as she begins her career at Liberty as a first-year teacher and new member of the social studies department. 

Not only can she cover the many forms of social studies in the department of education, but she also has an English degree as well, reassuring that her time as a teacher will last a while. 

There have been points in time where she felt as if she needed a strong back up plan, just in case teaching didn’t work out during her time in college.

“My backup plan in college was going into book editing and publishing, but I’m very glad that I didn’t ever have to use that plan B,” Stellhorn said, who is from Union.

Outside of teaching and her working life, Ms. Stellhorn enjoys many other activities like reading, playing the piano and riding horses. Another thing that makes her stand out compared to most is her way of engaging with other students and constantly encouraging them to do their best. 

She’s very nice and can get along with students really well,” freshman Vianca Malave said, who is a student in Ms. Stellhorn’s geography class. 

Many students and staff are so excited to have Ms. Stellhorn a part of our Liberty team and can’t wait to see what future memories will bring.