Distanced Distractions

Self-Care might be the Key to Surviving Quarantine.


Emily Bohn

With the rest of the ’20 part of the school year now cancelled, students suddenly have a lot of time on their hands.

Emily Bohn, Reporter

Although distance learning is in full swing, with hours of homework to complete each week, students still have weekends, along with empty spaces in their schedules that they may not want to fill with watching television or mindlessly scrolling through social media. The days start to blend together.

But how can you help yourself? Practice self-care. Although it can be helpful and relaxing, a candle-lit bubble bath isn’t the only way to take care of yourself. 

Here are 9 engaging and interesting things to do to take your mind off of current events:

1) Go for a walk. Although many parks and public spaces are closed at the moment, one can still walk in their neighborhood, parking lots, and remaining parks. If you’re craving social interaction as well, bring a friend or two. As long as you remain 6 feet away at all times, refrain from touching your face, and keep disinfectants handy; it’s safe and appropriate.

2) Spring clean. At last, winter is over. As the warm sunlight begins to shine through your windows, you may notice dust, dirt, or overall clutter throughout your living space. It’s time to clean closets, drawers, and surfaces that may be causing stress. Trash and recycling systems are still running, but just in case, there are recycling and trash bins at most Wentzville public schools.

3) Reach out to friends. Out of sight, out of mind. Being away from our friends at school, some of us have begun to unknowingly drift away. Check up on your friends by sending them a thoughtful message, you never know how much they might need it.

4) FINALLY, get around to that thing you’ve been putting off. Most of us have a simple activity or project that they’ve been wanting to start or finish, but have been putting off for years. There’s no time like the present, especially now. As long as you have the materials at home, it would be advisable to cross it off of your personal list.

5) Help out around the house. Many of us students already have a list of personal chores to complete, or perhaps assigned responsibilities to take care of. However, with everyone constantly at home, it can get pretty messy. Help out your parent(s) or guardian(s) by taking care of something for them.

6) Improve a skill. Be it makeup, drawing, or any other number of skills that you’ve attempted to master, now is the perfect time to practice them until you feel confident in your abilities.

7) Sleep in! Stay up late! Though it’s recommended that we “early to bed, early to rise” our way through distance learning (just like regular school), it can be annoying to go to bed in preparation for nothing. So stay up late! Call a friend just to talk at 11 p.m., make pasta at 1 a.m., start a movie at 3 a.m.; then sleep past noon. Live out the lazy, rebellious teenage stereotype just because you can. 

8) Check up with the news…or don’t! Some of us are completely out-of-touch in regards to new developments, while some of us know every statistic, every minute. If you haven’t checked up in a while, watch the evening news or visit a professional journalism site. However, if you feel overwhelmed and slightly obsessed by the world right now, turn off notifications and stay clear of stories. Over-exposure to current events can make us feel existential and paranoid, so don’t be afraid to take a break for a day or two.

9) Take a deep breath. The world is a scary place right now, and it’s perfectly normal to be constantly on edge and terrified to go out for even necessities. However, it definitely isn’t healthy or positive, so remember to check in with yourself and calm down if you feel anxious.

If you’ve:

  • …Felt cluttered due to your out-of-place surroundings, try picking up and cleaning some things. 
  • …Only been eating junk food/drinking soda, have a quick salad or glass of water. 
  • …Been stuck at home for a while, take a walk (see #1) or just sit outside. 
  • …Been neglecting a shower or skincare, seeing as you may not have gone anywhere in weeks.
  • …Been spending hours a day staring at a screen, turn off notifications and stay away for a while. 

Self-care is meant to counter the personal problems you’ve been dealing with lately, and a book, bath, or candle can’t always do that. Remember: the first step to combating your problems is facing them, and from there on out, you can learn to tame or diminish them.