A Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

We are in uncharted territory and the days seem to blend together. Every day we feel a new sense of hopelessness, wondering when the storm will pass, wondering when we can resume our way of life. Stop twiddling our thumbs. Everyone is experiencing varying levels of anxiety, from resisting the urge to meet friends, to impulsive sanitization of everyday objects. 

It would be unjust to say that the media’s nonstop coverage has not added fuel to the fire. Since 2020’s beginnings, we have woken up every morning to plastered headlines about what was coming. Everyday, more cases were confirmed and the fear of the unknown rose within, as we continue to watch our essential workers fight to keep the virus contained.

Being able to sift through the abundance of news, to differ fact from fallacy, is almost impossible. In turn, citizens lose faith in journalism. In fact, 35% of people from the ages of 17-25 think that all news is fake news. During a time when we cannot walk out (literally) and gather firsthand information, we must all rely on the media.

That is why we believe that it is our duty to provide you with accurate and timely updates regarding Liberty High School. Our school is more than brick and mortar – it is a community. As long as that exists, we will strive to bring you the best news regarding it. LHStoday.org will continue to work hard to build a platform that everyone can visit virtually, and obtain clear information about how the pandemic will affect their high school experience.

You will see:

  • A plethora of perspectives
    • In-depth stories to gain insight into students’ and teachers’ lives
    • Adjustments to online learning
    • Effects on extracurriculars
    • Our affected seniors
  • Lighthearted content
  • Ways to feel more connected in an isolated world
  • Accurate information on how the school and the district plans to finish the school year

As our local government takes measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, we as a district, are rallying together resources to help out our community. As a student publication, we have witnessed the tremendous efforts of our students, staff, and families. And it is truly heartwarming.

Thank you for supporting LHStoday, and we hope that you can rely on us to be a source of clarity in the chaos. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or opinions, feel free to contact us. 

We hope that you stay safe & healthy,

Liberty Publications Editors