Unexpected Festivities

Freshman Anna Mecker Celebrated her Birthday while Under Quarantine

Serena Bartels, Reporter

submitted by Anna Mecker
Five cars were lined up around Mecker’s house to wish her a happy birthday.

Quarantine probably isn’t where you expect to celebrate yourself on your birthday in 2020.  With social distancing measures that have been enforced by the government, freshman Anna Mecker found another way to celebrate her birthday with friends and family in a creative way.  

Finding different ways to have fun on your birthday under quarantine is a little bit challenging. Mecker says “Some positives of having a birthday during this time was I was able to go to a really cool park that I would not have been able to go to if we had school.” 

One the most popular festivities that a lot of people in the past weeks have done for birthdays are birthday parades. This consists of friends driving by, honking, and lots of balloons and signs all for the birthday. Mecker had a drive-by with five cars and six different people to come and celebrate her.

Even though everyone continues to social distance, a birthday parade brings joy and makes someone feel very special. 

Mecker says, “It was just as special as a non-quarantine birthday because I still got to hang out with my family and I still got to see my friends but not too close.” 

Not only did Mecker have a birthday parade, but she was able to talk to her friends over a zoom call. Mecker also dropped off small gifts to her friends on her birthday, which has been another common thing that people have been doing to tell their friends that they care and miss you.

Despite the circumstances, Mecker was able to turn her birthday around and make it one special day.