Making The Best Out Of Quarantine

Freshman Grayce Page spends time with family and friends

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

Grayce Page with her little brother Milo.

Grayce Page is a freshman at Liberty who is making the most of her situation by spending time with her family. Page’s days usually consist of watching her 11-month-old little brother, Milo. Many teenagers would see this as a burden but Page has enjoyed getting to spend time with her little brother.

“Milo is my favorite person in the world,” Page said.

She wants her and her brother to have a good relationship as he gets older. She enjoys watching him grow and learn new things. Page is excited to see the person Milo will turn out to be. 

Watching Milo isn’t the only thing Page has accomplished while quarantined. She has taken this time to keep in touch with friends over facetime and social media. 

“It’s important for me to keep in touch with my friends because I would probably go crazy if I didn’t,” Page said.

I think we can all relate to going a little crazy not being able to see our friends during this time. Page’s friends are very important to her and she is very grateful for them. 

When Page is not watching Milo or talking to friends, she is most likely napping. Page has been taking advantage of the extra time we have and using it to get her beauty sleep.

“My favorite thing to do right now is nap,” Page expressed. Many can relate to this with all the extra time we have it is nice to catch up on some sleep. 

Grayce Page has made the best out of this quarantine by connecting with her friends and family and many of us should follow her lead.