Fantasy Football In Class?

Students form a fantasy football league in Sports in Society class


Ben Janssen

Senior T.J. Irlmeier scouts players for his fantasy football team in class.

Brett Cira, Reporter

Imagine taking a class full of sports fans and making everyone join a fantasy football league. You can draft together, make trades, and try to beat your very own friends from class.

Recently, “Sports in Society” has been a popular elective class to take for all sports fans. Why?- It’s because they participate in fantasy sports. There are nine students in the class and Mr. Bender is the teacher. 

Although this is a normal class assignment, some students were very excited to start up a league. The class took a day to get into the league and set up their profiles and teams. Then, during the third hour meeting time on Wednesday’s, they did the draft live. There’s a lot of really good teams and there isn’t a favorite to win it all.

“My favorite part is being able to play against people I’ve never played before,” senior Payton Girard said. 

T.J. Irlmeier checks his team Go Pack Go named after his favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. (Ben Janssen)

Fantasy football is a game where you pick real NFL players in a draft with other people, and receive points based on your players’ performances. All of the points you gain from your players get added together and your total must beat the team you’re matched up with for that week.

Each week you face another person’s team and your record at the end of the season determines seeding for the final playoff bracket. It may sound simple, but there’s so much more complexity and effort involved.

“I think it’s fun that we get to play fantasy football in class because it takes something that’s normally a hobby with friends, but incorporating it into school for education purposes really puts a fun spin on it,” senior Matt Long said. 

Fantasy football is honestly very similar to how sports are run, so it really works as an educational tool for competing and learning about football itself, while not actually having to play a real sport. Students have learned lots about players in the last three weeks that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

With limited practicing and no preseason being played, there’s been a lot of curveballs thrown at fantasy football players. 

With no preseason and limited training camps, players’ bodies are not ready to play at all. There are so many injured players right now and it’s so hard to choose who’s going to get the job done. Some players have looked really good so far, like Russell Wilson, Christian McCaffrey, and Aaron Jones.