National Honor Society Induction 2020

NHS navigates through COVID-19 by inducting new members


Sabryn Gibson

A screenshot from the National Honor’s Society virtual induction ceremony.

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

The induction for the National Honor Society looked a little different for this year. Due to COVID-19, new members of NHS got inducted through a computer screen and a lot later than usual. Normally the National Honor Society Induction is in April but because of COVID-19, it got postponed.

“This is not what we planned but this is what we get to do,” Mrs. Hallemeier, one of the sponsors, explained in the induction.

Even with the new challenges presented, the National Honor Society still kept up with tradition. As part of their tradition, the cabinet members led the induction, this year just from the comfort of their own homes. 

This year’s induction welcomed new members to NHS and introduced them to their four pillars: scholarships, service, leadership and character. These four pillars are the basis of the National Honor Society and should always be upheld by the members.

Moving forward the National Honor Society has many goals for this school year. The main goal of being able to find opportunities for members. 

Our first (goal) is to find opportunities for all of our members to volunteer locally, whether that be, online, remote, or in groups with proper guidelines. Additionally, we have a goal of providing support for students and our academic family here at Liberty,” National Honor Society President, Olivia Guffey (12) explained.

Although this year may look different, the National Honor Society’s morals have not changed. The NHS plans to keep meeting virtually and lead their community through this year. 

Students who were inducted include:

Julia Amery, Sanjana Anand, Madelynne Ashlock, Isabella Bahr, Shounak Banerjee, Brynn Bartram, Ethan Besowshek, Cole Blackstock, Paige Bostic, Sydney Bruce, Carson Clay, Alyssa Conrad, Abbi Davis, Sarah Dickson, Doris Earle, Phoebe Eikel, Ella Evans, Rachel Geisler, Lena Granberry, Elizabeth Hamby, Sydney Hilgenbrink, Ella Hillgartner, Alyson Hively, Brooke Huffman, Irem Inan, Kiara Jimenez, Brett Kercher, Amira Khayyat, Aubrey Kress, Sarah LePage, Kimball Lowe, Mahathi Manikandan, Charitee Marasso, Kent Masten, Natalie Medina, Emma Meuser, Benjamin Meyer, Kaitlyn Mueller, Annika Pastrana, Anika Roos, Madelyn Sanderson, Nila Sasi, Aleigha Schnable, Ally Scudder, Taylor Shay-Jakul, Kathryn Swanson, Cassandra Tarrant, Britney Thai, Carly Torbit, Megan Venturella,  Anna Weber, Dagon Williams, Evan Worobec, Amanda Yoder, Trevor York, Jaden Zelidon, and Kyle Zink.