Spreading the spirit

StuCo decks the halls for the holidays

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Spreading the spirit

Olivia Holler, Editor-in-Chief

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With the stress of finals and wrapping up a long semester, staff and students are always looking for something to lift their spirits like playing Christmas music or seeing holiday lights in classrooms.

Three years ago, Student Council started a tradition to make the month of December a little more festive and relaxed. They have decorated the hallways and doors for Christmas hoping to spread holiday spirit.

“The purpose of deck the halls is to get students excited for the holiday season,” junior Bennett Outman said.

It takes them a lot of hard work and preparation to make deck the halls a success.

“We start planning about a month in advance from the date we know we want to set up,” senior Caylin Fuller said. “We ran a little bit behind this year but managed to make all the doors eight days before Thanksgiving break.”

This year was a challenge for the StuCo class because they had an extra hallway to decorate so coming up with themes was tricky but also fun. The themes for the hallways were Winter Punderland, North Pole, Merry Marathon and Deck the Halls. They had to decorate 73 total doors.

“Themes are fun! We are always open to suggestion especially this year because we had a whole new hall to decorate,” junior Addison Haynes said. “This year our new addition was ‘Winter Punderland’ which I think was a popular one. Coming up with the ideas for this one was fun we laughed a lot in class.

“Kylie Seaton for example said we should have a rock floating around a tree for ‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’ and we all just laughed and told her that was terrible and she laughed. It’s fun because everyone has an opinion, so some of the silent leaders show their colors. Our personalities are for sure reflected in the doors!”

From organizing, picking themes and decking the halls it gives people in other committees a chance to give ideas as well as be creative and also bringing everyone closer together.

“It definitely does bring us closer because we all have to work together even those who don’t like being artistic are required to get out of there comfort zone,” Fuller said.

It extends the joy not only to StuCo but to staff and student body as well.

“The doors are fantastic. It makes me feel like I could be in a winter wonderland all day long and makes want to drink hot coco,” Mrs. Braswell said.

Hopefully, the doors will bring cheer and spirit for the students as much as it did for StuCo.