FCCLA Helps to Spread Halloween Spirit

FCCLA hosts annual “BOO a teacher” event this month


Sarah Downs

FCCLA is giving teachers that have been “BOO-ed” a ghost to hang outside their classroom.

Kyndall Stubblefield, Reporter

Spreading positivity and kindness is important to assistant principal Dr. Kiely. So when she received a “BOO a teacher” gift recently, she said the initiative “spreads a little joy in everyone’s day.”

“To me it is the little things that make our days better and this is a great example of someone going out of their way to make someone else’s day a little brighter,” Dr. Kiely said. 

FCCLA is hosting a “BOO a teacher” event this Halloween season. This event is trying to get every teacher a BOO gift by Oct. 31. The BOO gift is something small like some Halloween decor and candy along with a ghost sign that is to be cut and placed outside a teacher’s door. If you see a ghost hanging outside a classroom, you know that teacher has been “BOO-ed”!

The club has chosen 10 teachers to start the event. They will receive a small gift purchased by FCCLA with a ghost sign and directions included. Within three days of receiving a gift, their hope is that you pass it on to another teacher and this continues until everyone has received a gift.

English teacher Mr. Bertenshaw also received a BOO gift. He received a “light-em-up pumpkin” and a “lovely little placard.” He thought that his BOO gift was “light-hearted and fun.”

“Anything to lighten the mood these days,” Bertenshaw said.

It’s not all up to the teachers to set the fall mood. Go out there and find ways to spread some Halloween spirit!