Moving Back To Level 1

School will have some new features beginning on Monday, 10/19


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Mr. Nash prepares the building for reopening in August. During Level 2, Wednesdays were reserved for deep cleaning of the entire school grounds.

Hannah Ingrassia, Reporter

As you might have heard on Oct. 19, the Wentzville School District is moving to Level 1 meaning AA kids and BB kids will be joining back together like the good old days. Classes will be filling up again and you will be going to school five days a week.

The school board voted to switch to Level 1 at a board meeting on Sept 17. Level 1 allows students to resume attending school in-person five days a week, like in years prior. Students who chose the online path will continue to do online learning for the semester. 

Oct. 19th was chosen because it is the end of the first quarter. But even so, there are no quarter grades this year, only have the two semester grades. The “quarter” now serves as just a halfway mark of a semester.

There will also be some significant changes in the building and classrooms. 

“In an effort to spread students out during lunch we have been directed by Central Office to get creative with the use of space in our building,” head principal Mr. Nelson said. 


The second floor commons area will be used as an additional lunchroom to provide for more social distancing starting Monday, Oct. 19. Lunch tables will also be spread out and start to spill out into the 300 hall.

There will also be QR quotes for students to scan at lunch tables. Students will scan the QR code and fill out a form for contact tracing purposes.

Please watch the video here for more information. 

With more students comes new classroom alterations too. Mr. Nelson said that seating charts will have to be made in the classrooms for contact tracing.

“Obviously we will have to put more desks,” Nelson said. 

There is also the possibility that more people will have to be quarantined from Level 1, which includes heavy contact tracing.

Students will also have three free masks delivered to them on Monday for personal use. The masks are washable and provided to the district by the State Emergency Management Agency.