Should We Stay or Should We Go?

A look at two students’ sides surrounding the recent change to Level 1 learning


Sarah Downs

Whether or not to return to full time school is an extremely divided issue, leaving students split down the middle.

Brooke Huffman, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger

The school board’s recent decision to make the change to Level 1 learning has been clothed in controversy. Some say it’s long overdue, and that students deserve a normal education. Others are concerned about safety measures, arguing that as soon as students are completely in person an outbreak will occur, causing the board to swiftly switch to Level 3, or entirely virtual learning. There are two sides of every story, both of which deserve equal representation. Read what students are saying below.

Mental Health Matters

Senior Kayde Chronister highly anticipates the return to a “regular” school week, hoping it will reduce stress and strain.

“Currently, it’s putting a strain on my mental health to have so much stress due to online work. Like, how many assignments are there? What if they forgot to email me? Where are these assignments? When are they due?” Chronister said.

He finds his own grades suffering due to the mix-ups caused by hybrid learning, and believes there’s not much more we can do, other than our current precautions. Though he has sympathy for those being affected by the pandemic, Chronister prioritizes his wellbeing.

“All of my decisions are mental health and safety based. Maybe it’s selfish, but I have to do what I have to in order to succeed,” Chronister said.

Despite the stigma that those looking forward to Level 1 learning don’t take the pandemic seriously, Chronister believes that he is taking the steps necessary to protect those around him. He has also voiced concerns about being completely in person, and would be willing to go all virtual if it means keeping his peers happy and healthy.

“Yeah I’m pretty concerned about [Level 1], considering how unsafe it is, but things will probably turn out fine,” Chronister said.

Students Deserve Safety

Senior Shaina Feinstein is thoroughly against the switch to Level 1 learning, believing it to be an extremely risky decision made purely to appease parents.

“Since the decision was made against the recommendation of Dr. Cain, we know it was not for the benefit of the students. It’s ridiculous that a couple hundred angry parents can cause the board to send thousands of students and staff members into an unsafe environment,” Feinstein said.

Though she agrees that Level 2 isn’t perfect, it’s a compromise that she’s willing to make, with enough room for social distancing. Her biggest concern with the return to Level 1 is students being stuffed into classrooms without the advised 6 feet space.

“The classrooms barely have enough room for us to be socially distanced at half capacity, so having everyone back in the building at once will be crazy. The hallways are going to be packed and I won’t eat lunch in the cafeteria anymore,” Feinstein said.

Feinstein isn’t only concerned about the coronavirus while in class- she’s cautious wherever she goes. With a mask always on hand and worn correctly, and the thought of safety on her mind, she treads carefully.

“I don’t want to get sick, and I don’t want to bring anything home because my dad is currently helping out his parents, who are older and have other health conditions that COVID would make worse,” Feinstein said. “I would like for things to go back to ‘normal,’ but I know that for that to happen later, we need to be safe now.”

Whether students find themselves supporting or opposing Level 1 learning, they’ve taken an interest in how their education is being handled like never before. They worry about health, both mental and physical, and how school is directly affecting their wellbeing. This debate has students involved, present, and passionate, ready to fight for what they believe is right.