NFL Plagued With Injuries During An Already Dire Season

Is it really odd? No, it’s just 2020.


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Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Dak Prescott was lost for the season after suffering a        dislocated ankle and compound fracture.

Brett Cira, Reporter

The San Francisco 49ers have suffered two ACL tears, two sprained MCLs, one sprained ankle, and a quad injury in just two weeks, all on one field, Metlife Stadium. This is one of many teams plagued by injuries this season.

When the NFL started back up there were no minicamps. On Aug. 3, they were able to start training camps but on a strict, limited schedule with no conditioning. Every few days the practices became a little less limited with finally having two final weeks of padded contact practice. There were no scrimmages, no preseason, and they were basically just thrown into games without their bodies being ready. This is probably why we see so many injuries this season.

Metlife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets, has had a crazy number of injuries this season. Players and coaches are blaming the turf. 

“Guys seemed to be getting stuck in the ground more than regularly. A bunch of our players went down. It wasn’t real fun to be a part of and see happen to your teammates,” Arik Armstead told reporters after the 49ers’ Week 2 win. The field got tested twice and passed the NFL’s inspection policies. 49ers players referring to it after Sunday’s game as stickyandtrash,” according to a story in The New York Times.

The San Francisco 49ers played back-to-back weeks at Metlife Stadium in New York. They played the Jets in week two and the Giants in week three. The 49ers had four major injuries and six total in those two weeks. The 49ers are in trouble now as they’ve lost some of their best players and are 3-3, last in the NFC West.

Sruthi Ramesh