Wrestling Is Back In Season

Wrestling season will be tougher and harder than ever

Elektra Lowe and Jax Drezek


Elektra Lowe

Who is going to join the Wall of Champions in the wrestling room?

Elektra Lowe, Reporter

As of Nov. 2, the wrestling season will begin. The coaches are looking forward to seeing everyone’s face on the mats, new and old.

If you’re a female who isn’t afraid to work hard and is ready to join a journey they wouldn’t regret, then go and see Coach Kling for more details in room 147. As the sport of girls wrestling is growing within our state, the team would love any female to join their quest for success.

If you’re a male who would like to do something in the winter, or wants to join a team that is like brotherhood/sisterhood, then come down and join the wrestling team. The Eagles had wrestlers that qualified for state last year and they would like to have people join them once again.

This past week was dead week, which means that there were no extra practices that the coaches could have during off-season. Usually during this week, it is athletes’ chance to finish up paperwork before the sport actually starts up.

This year will be more difficult because of the new rules that everyone has to follow due to the pandemic. One of the rules is that wrestlers are not allowed to practice with the same partner for more than 15 minutes, which will cause people to have less amount of time during practice.

This year there will be more people than before. There will be more competition and not just in the wrestling rooms. People will be competing for spots on JV and varsity teams. Seniors will be giving everything they’ve got because it’s their final year of this sport as a high school student.

“Who will join Wyatt Haynes in having their name forever on our wall after a 3rd place finish. The only spot left to fill on the wall is Champion. Who will it be?” #fillthewall posted by Liberty Wrestling Twitter; @EagleWrestle.