The ‘Battle For The Very Soul Of Our Nation’

Live updates and coverage on the 2020 presidential election

Sruthi Ramesh

Mollie Banstetter, Layout Editor

You have likely heard the 2020 presidential race referred to as the “Battle for the soul of our nation,” by people on either side of the aisle. This election has no doubt been extremely hectic, especially because of all of the delayed mail-in ballots results.

To refresh you on who our two candidates are: Former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee and current President Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Both candidates are drastically different from each other. Joe Biden’s campaign has been running on how his administration would handle the pandemic, how to combat climate change, and affordable healthcare. Donald Trump’s campaign has been running on promises to improve the economy and infrastructure.

The official winner of the 2020 Presidential Election has been announced by the Associated Press

8:00 PM 11/7

President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris accept the outcome on the election and give a victory speech. In the speech Biden says its “a time to heal in America.”

Harris is set to become the first Black, South Indian, biracial woman Vice President, Harris says “While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.”

10:35 AM, 11/7

As called by Associated Press and many other sources, Joseph Biden has won the presidential race and will be the 46th president of the United States of America. More numbers by state will be updated shortly.

10:20 AM 11/6

Alaska: Trump is leading by 54,610 votes with only 50% votes reported. According to Forbes  the lack of reported votes is due to the way they count. On election night they only counted the votes that were cast on election day and early votes that were cast in person through Oct. 29. The absentee ballots and early ballots cast after Oct. 29 won’t be counted until Nov. 10. Alaska does it this way so they can count all the in-person votes so they can ensure that people don’t vote both in-person and by mail.

Georgia: Brad Raffensberger, Georgia’s state senator confirmed they will conduct a recount due to the small margin between the two candidates.

8:33 AM, 11/6

Pennsylvania:  Biden has a 5,606 count lead in a state that has 98% reported votes which flips Pa. blue.

Nevada: Biden is leading by 11,438 votes with only 84% votes reported.

North Carolina: Trump is leading by 76,701 votes with 94% votes reported.

If the states that are left to be called stay the way they are leaning, Trump will finish with 232 electoral votes and Biden will finish with 306 electoral votes resulting in Biden surpassing the required 270 electoral votes to win the seat.

07:38 AM, 11/6

Arizona: Newly counted ballots bring Biden’s lead down from 69,000 to 46,000.

Georgia: Biden is now in the lead in Georgia by 1,o97 votes.

Nevada: Biden expands his leaf from 8,000 to 11,000.

Pennsylvania: Yesterday morning, Trump was in the lead by 160,000+ votes. Now he is in the lead by less than 37,000.

(The New York Times)

01:05 PM, 11/5

Trump’s lead in Georgia hs dipped below 14,000 votes, with 50,000 votes left to be counted. Biden has also widened his reach within Nevada from 8,000 to 12,000, as more votes are being tallied. (The New York Times)

10:30 AM, 11/5

Joe Biden is winning both the popular and electoral votes with 72,202,856 individual votes and 264 electoral votes as per the Associated Press. Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina are all leaning red but have not been called yet due to mail-in ballots still needing to be counted. If Donald Trump wins those states he will have 265 electoral votes, just shy of the required 270 in order to secure his second term seat. Nevada is the last blue state that needs to finish counting votes; if Biden wins this state he will have won the electoral college.