The 107-Mile Fundraiser

Mr. Eldredge runs in ultramarathon that takes 31 hours and helps to raise $4,660 for school activities


photo by LHS Booster Club

Mr. Eldredge stands next to the Huzzah Conservation area sign, where he finished his race.

Emily Bohn, Reporter

On Saturday, Oct. 17, LHS activities director Cary Eldredge ran an “ultramarathon” of 107 miles in order to help the LHS booster club in a fundraising drive. He helped to raise $4,660, which made up nearly half of the goal at about 47%. Most donations were flat rate, and collected at lunch. Contributions can still be made here.

He was joined on his run at times with a high school friend, his cousin, Holt activities director Mr. Green, Coach Glavin, and former Liberty teacher Mr. Sacre.

The feat took months of preparation, with Mr. Glavin beginning running miles in September. Eldredge says that this aspect was the most difficult, as the sheer amount of time made it harder to spend time with family and focus on work.

The route taken was the Ozark Trail at Huzzah, and is available for viewing here.

A sign painted by StuCo congratulates Mr. Eldredge in the hallway.

The 31 hour, 19 minute, and two second race occurred over the course of two days, on Oct. 17 and 18.

Along the way, 10 stops were made in total, in which the group took the time to eat, change, and patch blisters. During this time, no one slept, which Glavin acknowledged as a very difficult aspect of the event.

Glavin finished his 34 mile, nine hour run at 2 a.m. on the 18th, but stuck around for another 12 hours to support Eldredge and help out at rest stops. 

At the end of the race, Eldredge couldn’t even drive due to his sore feet, and was taken home by his cousin. Afterward, both Eldredge and Glavin admitted to being sore for a few days. Thankfully, they’re feeling fine now, and Eldredge even plans on running again soon.

In the end, those involved concluded that they had a great time. Glavin said that “Eldredge just did so awesome” and both are very proud of the amount that was raised.