The Difference Between Phase 3 And Hybrid

The battles between two styles of schooling


Julia Fallert

The difference between phase 3 and hybrid is it is absolutely mandatory to be at the meetings.

Blake Cunningham, Reporter

The first weeks of Level 3: Virtual Learning has been very interesting so far. A majority of students seem to have mixed emotions about Level 3. It has been a huge change from the beginning of the school year, which started at Level 2: Hybrid Learning. In this phase, students with the last names starting with the letters A-L went to school Monday through Tuesday, and the other students to school went on Thursday and Friday. All students had classes through Google Meet on Wednesdays.

It was an easy going into hybrid because we had some sort of interaction with people when we went to school. We also only went to school for two days. Level 3 is okay; we don’t have to wake up for school as early, and we are at a lower risk to get COVID-19. But because of lower engagement with others and lack of focus in Google Meets, grades are falling.

The difference between Level 3 and hybrid is it is absolutely mandatory to be at the meetings. During hybrid, it was not uncommon for half of the class to be gone (either being quarantined or just not wanting to show up). But now the school is more strict about being in the meetings, as it now counts against your attendance.

At this point, it’s not the teachers’ fault if students are failing. It’s on the students because they should be focused in class and try to eliminate the distractions. But even still, many are struggling with motivation.