Sara Reth & Geocaching


Abbiegail Luker

Sara Reth holds a geocache made of two Gatorade caps.

Abbiegail Luker, Reporter

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that’s like a treasure hunt. You hide “geocaches” or “caches” somewhere in your area for others to find. Freshman Sara Reth saw a girl from Florida doing it on TikTok sometime last February, and has been interested since then.

“It’s like a treasure hunt,” Reth said. “Except you don’t get treasure; this is cheesy, but you get the experience because it’s a fun activity.”

According to, “There are more than three million geocaches hidden all around the world in parks, trails, and urban areas.”

Reth uses an app to find them in her area. “It shows you a large map with every single geocache in your area.” She said that it’s similar to the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt, and has found five so far.

She likes is that it’s similar to a puzzle. “When you go to find them, it doesn’t tell you exactly where they are,” Reth said. “You can get hints, it shows you a map that’ll help you get to it, but you have to look around for it.”

She said that while you can keep things from it, there’s an unspoken rule that when you take, you give something back.

Some things found in them are marbles, bouncy balls, keychains, or any small trinket.

She also mentioned that there are ways to keep track of who’s found it. “There’s a log in every single one of them so every single time you find it, you write your name down and the date in which you found it,” Reth said. “Then it shows every person that’s ever found it and when they found it.”

A lot of geocaches have different containers. “Some of them have boxes, some of them are pill containers, one person took two Gatorade caps and twisted them together.”