Publications To Host A Town Hall Meeting For Board Of Education Election

Student-led live stream broadcast on March 30 introduces community to the school board director candidates


Sruthi Ramesh

Official Logo of the 2021 Town Hall, hosted by LHS Publications.

Elizabeth Hamby , Assistant Editor of The Ledger

The Wentzville Board of Education has two open spots to fill for the election to take place on April 6. It was announced on March 8 that students from the Liberty Publications classes will host a town hall discussion with the candidates to prior to the election. 

The event is set to take place on March 30 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the LHS Theater with the nominees in attendance. The goal of this event is to give all candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves, explain their platforms, and answer questions from moderators and viewers. All of the questions will be based on a survey that was emailed to all LHS students. 

Due to COVID-19, there will not be a live audience. Instead, LHS Publications and 1326 will be live streaming the event on lhsstreaming on Youtube.

There will be minimal adult involvement, so it is up to the publications staff to host and arrange the specifics of the event. 

As of now, there will be a team for advertising the event, a team for writing questions to ask the contenders, and a production team. 

“I think this Town Hall meeting is a great first step to get students involved in the district. Our reporters and readers will learn a great deal about district action,” senior Ianne Salvosa said, who is one of the event organizers. 

The candidates of the event, who are running for the open spots are as follows:  Brad Buchanan, Kori Sloan, Jason Goodson, Cheri Purpura Thurman, Shannon Stolle, Michael Deslongchamps, Donald Looney, and Lashun Coleman-Hale