Students From Liberty Are Reaching Their Full Potential

A handful of students were selected to be in programs due to their academic talent


Sabryn Gibson

Arthi Kondapaneni, Janet Musangali, Wyatt Haynes, and Andrew Sante were selected to represent their class in different programs.

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

Recently a handful of Liberty students have been recognized for standing out academically. Wyatt Haynes, Andrew Sante, Arthi Kondapaneni, and Janet Musangali have all been selected for different programs due to their academic talent.

Senior Wyatt Haynes was selected for Missouri Scholars 100. Haynes is ranked first in his class and is involved with NHS, Link Crew, Leadership Crew, and is on the Student Advisory Board. He is the team captain for varsity football and wrestling. He also organized the Eagle Order to lead and teach other wrestlers. 

Andrew Sante has been selected as a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Sante is ranked fourth in his class and has a GPA of 4.45. He has been involved in the French club all throughout high school and was named an AP Scholar with Distinction. After high school, Sante is planning on going to Missouri University of Science and Technology. 

Sophomores Arthi Kondapaneni and Janet Musangali were both selected for Missouri Scholars Academy 36th season. This program encourages and assists gifted students to reach their full potential. Kondapaneni and Musangali will attend two weeks of virtual classes to motivate and teach them to achieve high standards in their future endeavors.  

The students that were selected to be in these programs represent the top one-half of 1% of their class and Liberty is proud to have them representing our school.