Sustainable Switches To Make For Earth Day

Emma Carter, Reporter

Making a change in the environment in its entirety seems difficult, almost impossible. Although being aware and mindful will make a difference! Here are some ways you can take action in saving our environment.

Instead of dryer sheets, try wool dryer balls. It will speed up your clothes’ drying time.

Switching to reusable shopping bags reduces the amount of waste, and is sturdier for your groceries.

Investing in a safety razor lets you switch out blades easily, reduces redness and irritation when shaving, and lasts many years.

Purchasing a reusable, metal water bottle saves you the expense of buying water and the plastic that comes with it. Instead, you would only be paying a few cents to reuse the bottle (to match the cost of the bottle over time), as well as reducing plastic waste.

When buying a new toothbrush, consider buying a bamboo toothbrush, as it performs the same as its plastic competitor, but actually biodegrades much faster than the plastic alternative.

Replacing a body wash with bar soap in your shower routine eliminates unnecessary plastic bottle use. Additionally, bars last up to 2 times longer than the average bottle.

Making the switch to toothpaste tabs instead of a regular tube reduces plastic waste as well as giving you a reusable tin to use at the end of the product.

Introducing silicone storage bags to your pantry lets you microwave and refrigerate the contents you are storing, while also saving you money on repurchasing bags.