New Starbucks Opens On Bryan Road

The new location opened in July and is looking for workers


Sarah Clay

Starbucks opened a new location at 950 Bryan Road in O’Fallon. Shaped like a rectangle, it easily catches onlookers’ eyes.

Sarah Clay, Reporter

A new Starbucks on Bryan Road opened this past July on 950 Bryan Road in O’Fallon. It’s a 2,200 square foot building currently in an undeveloped commercial lot. Shaped like a rectangle, it easily catches onlookers’ eyes, enticing those who would normally ignore the area. 

The structure of the building is quite unique with the inside giving off a warm cozy atmosphere.

The closing manager at the new Starbucks, who wanted to be identified as Mondi, said she enjoys working there. 

“The windows are just beautiful and the inside is so open,” Mondi said. “I love it here. The pay is really good, better than any other job I’ve had.”

She was asked if the business needs workers and if so what type?

“Yeah, just anyone nice with a fun attitude,’’ she said.

Mondi was an enjoyable person to talk with and one could tell that she makes customers feel comfortable and welcome.

A few customers also shared their experiences at the new location.  

“The staff are so friendly. Love it,” Tammy Robinson said.

“Great service, friendly staff, great coffee,” Blake Mandel said. 

If you need a job, Starbucks is the place to go. Their phone number is 636-841-1001

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